Volunteer your time

Contact us if you are interested volunteering your time


We need your time and love to support our special people – especially our elderly and multi-disabled blind residents.

• Present a creative session to our persons with multiple disabilities
• Join us for a session in the gym/ playing hand soccer – a game specially designed for persons with visual impairments
• Join us for a drumming session with some of residents who are visually impaired
• Assist with teaching our “actors” their dialogue for the play we will present on visual impairment
• Ride a tandem with a blind person
• Assist a person with a visual impairment during exercise: such as golf, bowling or road running.
• Accompany to the doctor / bank / dentist
• Assistance when purchasing clothing / toiletries
• Visit lonely elderly persons
• Assist with fundraising initiatives (such as annual bazaar)
• Assist with transport
• Donations of wool and other materials for the craft and therapy sessions
• Donation of toiletries or coffee, tea and sugar
• Assistance during “Week for the elderly” or during eye care awareness (in October)
• Accompany on excursions
• Assist with baking for fundraising opportunities
• Reading – Bible, Magazines, Newspaper
• Writing letters and opening mail
• Bible Study sessions
• Accompany to the Mall
• Assist with stimulation programmes
• Assist residents with multiple disabilities including physical disabilities on short walks
• Supervision in the multi-sensory stimulation area (Snoezelen)
• Hand and foot massages
• Visits, cards, flowers on birthdays, mother’s day etc
• Visit hospitalised residents
• Assist persons with visual impairments at sport events

It is impossible for us to deliver a quality service to our beneficiaries without the support and time of volunteers – moral support, love, care and a willing ear is often enough!