Fossil trail and exhibition centre

Discover a prehistoric sensory experience.

The George van Heerden fossil trail.

The late George van Heerden was the creator of this tactile fossil trail. With his love and passion for nature and history, he approached a team of experts with a project plan and facilitated the project till his passing in 2008. His wife, Anlo however, continued to manage and coordinate the project. The open air exhibition makes it an exceptional experience and the concrete exhibits serve as an excellent source of tactile information to blind and deafblind people who have no other access to this unique resource.

The fossil trail is situated in a safe environment wherein blind and deafblind people as well as pupils and tourists can experience the exhibits at their own pace with trained guides. The fossil trail is an important concrete learning environment. Most of the fossils in this exhibition were donated by Dr Eddie van Dijk.

Eddie van Dijk Exhibition Centre.

This exceptional exhibition was made possible through fossils donated by Dr van Dijk. The project materialized Dr van Dijk’s dream of a tactile exhibition for persons with visual impairment. Its uniqueness addresses the specific needs of persons with visual impairment and other disabilities. Visitors will be able to handle and touch the exhibits at their own pace and time. This is a first in Africa.

Alexander Agenbacht, with the support of the Council for Geoscience, donated most of the geological specimens and arranged this informative geological exhibition which will stimulate and interest visitors in the history of the formation of the earth. As this resource also forms part of the school curriculum, many learners will benefit through this excellent learning environment.