Leave a gift in your will


Leave a lasting legacy.

Leave a gift in your willLeaving a gift in your will is also known as a bequest or a legacy. It’s simply a memento or sum of money you want to leave to a friend, your Church, or a favourite charity like the Institute for the Blind. Such a consideration could give us the chance to help the blind and visually impaired lead a useful and independent life.

The continuation of the valuable services offered at the Institute for the Blind is made possible through the support of our generous circle of friends. These are the people who assist us in creating a meaningful future for our visually impaired persons.

An exceptional way in which many friends have assisted the Institute is through making a bequest in their Will. An inheritance left to the Institute for the Blind becomes a living memorial. Your kind gesture will live on in the lives of the many visually impaired persons who can enjoy a secure future and is as simple as completing a separate codicil confirming your decision to support us. This codicil will then be attached to your Will. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to consider making a bequest to the Institute.

Discount on estate tax.

Bequests made to the Institute for the Blind are allowed as a discount according to and liable to the stipulations of Article 4(h) (i) and (ii) of the Estate Tax Law (Law 45 of 1955) when calculating estate tax.

How to manage a bequest.

You may leave a specific amount, a percentage or the remainder of your estate to the Institute. Please consult your attorney or a bank official for assistance with this.

How do you do it?

Add the following codicil to your Will:

I bequeth the amount of R________, or property, percentage of the estate or remainder to the Institute for the Blind, P. O. Box 933, Worcester, 6849.