Low Vision Centre


What we do with people at our low vision centre:

  • understand the value and limitations of their remaining vision
  • learn visual skills to compensate for loss of function
  • improve functional ability in their environment
  • develop life skills and independence
  • promote social integration
  • receive emotional support (for the individual and their families)
  • access and select appropriate low vision assistive devices

This service is accessible to most residents at the Institute for the Blind and also to any partially sighted person in the area.  The target group of this project is any person in the community that may experience an eye defect and is in need of a support system to assist them in adjusting to the challenge of living with low vision.

This clinic is a resource centre that offers involvement and support to the community by visiting schools, clinic, churches and farms to inform, evaluate consult and refer appropriately.  Unfortunately some of our clients come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are unable to reap the benefits the low vision centre has to offer.  In such instances the low vision staff have to travel to these remote areas in the community to offer this spesialised service