Production unit banner

The Institute for the Blind Productions Units

Our Production Units are the heartbeat of the Institute and offer a safe haven to all our visually impaired, multi-disabled and deafblind adults.  These residents are the “bees” that keep the “bee-hive” alive and manufacture the essential “nectar” that the “hive” cannot survive without.

These residents are the Institute!

Our Production Units are supported and maintained by the loyal support of all our existing and new clients – support without which our visually impaired community would struggle to make a productive contribution in the work-force.  Self-worth and pride is granted to our residents through the knowledge that each of our visually impaired persons make a vital contribution to the country’s working sector and that their input adds to making a difference in the growth and development of our country.

The 6 pillars that support our Production Units

Cane Department for the manufacturing of a variety of innovative products and restoration of existing old items.

Metal Department where specialised metal products are manufactured for, among other, the following sectors: agriculture, wine cellars, heavy vehicle-body and chassis manufacturers and many other diverse metal product users.

Woodwork Department that manufactures a variety of high quality items.

Mattress Department with its own mattress manufacturing production line that produce a diverse series of high quality innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses, bed bases as well as other distinctive products manufactured according to the client’s specifications and requirements.

Creative Projects Department where our multi-disabled adults are actively involved in producing various manufactures items and packaging tasks as well as arts and crafts that have an enormously positive effect on the quality of the quality of their lives.

Weaving Department where top quality woven products in the most beautiful colours are manufactured.


Our beautifully renovated shop proudly displaying products manufactured by our visually impaired residents.


Our wool and yarn shop.