We have changed our name - Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope doesn’t stick to the confines of an institution. It’s something different, breaking the paradigm of traditional thinking.

It’s out there. Vibrant. Loud. Proud.

Kaleidoscope is the central hub for blind progression in South Africa, and soon the world. If you’re reading this with your eyes, Kaleidoscope is here to change your perceptions and show you how the blind can become leaders in this world, integrating into the workforce, society and everything in-between.

If you’re reading this with your fingertips, Kaleidoscope is here to help you grow, tapping into limitless abilities and reaching every goal you’ve set. Kaleidoscope is a place of learning, development and progression. For those with sight and without.

We can change how the world sees the blind, and how the blind see the world.

All it takes is a change of perspective.

You can make the difference in the lives of those not fortunate enough to appreciate one of the most basic pleasures, namely that of sight.

In order to make our much needed services and training affordable and accessible to those most in need, we – from necessity – have to rely on donations to help subsidise the immense costs carried by Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope has 3 homes where residents are cared for. No other organisation delivers this all-inclusive service to visually impaired people. Deduct your donations from tax

Donations made to Kaleidoscope are tax deductible according to the regulations of the Article 18(a) Tax Revenue Law (Act 58 of 1962).

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The Blind Tasting

The blind tasting red blend. R85

Please place your order via email.  We will deliver after 15 January 2018

Annual Report

Our Annual Report

InFocus Newsletter

“I recently attended a function where someone quoted the following: “some people come into our lives ….

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